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From The Vault

Stuhr Museum is taking out our favorite artifacts and showing you the best pieces "From the Vault" in a new video series.

Formerly known as "An Artifact A Day", this weekly series showcases some of the more bizarre, interesting and relevant artifacts in our substantial collection. You can watch the videos below or subscribe to our Youtube Channel for new videos as they are released. 

Enjoy a deep dive into our collection with "From the Vault". 

Nail Kit - Week of September 28

Doctor's Chair - Week of October 5

Frozen Charlotte - Week of October 12

Burial Suit - Week of October 19

Mourning Dress - Week of October 26

Devil's Mask - Week of November 2

Wine Set - Week of November 9

Chocolate Pot - Week of November 16

Curling Iron

Bathroom Set

Perfume Bottles

Roller Skates

Orange Crush Container

Tandem Bicycle (8/17/20)

Horse Hair Coat - Alive and Kicking Week (5.20)

Armadillo Basket - Alive and Kicking Week (5.19)

Ouija Board - Weird Week (5/15)

Automaton - Weird Week (5/13)

Wall Clock - Weird Week (5/12)

Cash Register - Business and Industry Week (5/8)

Scout Camera - Business and Industry Week (5/7)

Brown Leather Shoes - Business and Industry Week (5/6)

Milk Can - Business and Industry Week (5/5)

Sugar Sample - Business and Industry Week (5/4)

Crazy Quilt - Time On Our Hands Week (5/1)

Hair Wreath - Time On Our Hands Week (4/30)

Pump Vacuum - Time On Our Hands Week (4/29)

Corona Typewriter - Time On Our Hands Week (4/28)

Wooden Clock - Time On Our Hands Week (4/27)

Pudding Mold - In the Kitchen Week (4/24)

Cherry Pitter - In the Kitchen Week (4/23)

4 Sided Toaster - In the Kitchen Week (4/22)

Meat Grinder - In the Kitchen Week (4/21)

Industrial Coffee Grinder - In the Kitchen Week (4/20)

Circus Toys - Fun at Home Week (4/17/20)

Mini Sewing Machine - Fun at Home Week (4/16/20)

Magic Lantern - Fun at Home Week (4/15/20)

Croquet Set - Fun at Home Week (4/13/20)

Guitar - Fun at Home Week (4/13/20)