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Virtual Heritage Activities for Today's Students



Virtual HATS Classes are available year-round for schools and homeschools to learn about many different aspects of life in the 1860s to early 1900s. Virtual HATS Classes contain a few components to provide the most comprehensive experience we can provide virtually: an interactive on-line class using a platform called Thinglink, a supplemental teacher's resource packet including worksheets and suggested activities, a virtual Zoom visit with a HATS instructor, and a free pass for each student to visit the museum with their family until the end of next summer!

Virtual HATS Classes currently available include:

1st Grade

Fall on the Farm 

Pawnee Children

2nd Grade

Winter on the Plains

3rd Grade


4th Grade

Rural School

5th Grade & Up 

Road Ranche

Great Plains Pawnee

19th Century Trades



Virtual HATS Class Rates

1 classroom: $65

2 classrooms: $125

3 classrooms: $185

4 classrooms: $245

5 classrooms: $300

Each virtual class will be billed separately based on the number of classrooms that will be participating, however there is a discount for schools with 2 or more classrooms in a grade level. For schools with fewer than 10 students in a classroom, we may be able to offer discounts. Please contact us for questions or more information on pricing. 


To register or for questions concerning Virtual HATS Classes, call 308-385-5316 or e-mail Pam Homolka.