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Overland Trails

This class is available from mid April until mid May. Class begins with a presentation on the Overland Trails and the reasons behind the Great Migration. Students will learn what supplies were best to take with them, and what should be left behind. Supplies are selected and barrels and boxes are loaded into the hand carts. Students will pull the hand carts along the trail, stopping to purchase or trade for supplies at the Taylor Store, and many other points along the way to inspect trail debris or read from the journals. They will reach a place where a wagon has stopped, proving it is a good location for a “noonin.” Students will unload supplies and begin preparing a simple meal. While eating and resting, students will discuss the trail life of these moving communities, the hardships they endured and their impact on the growth of the nation. Once the meal is over it is time to pack up and resume the walk on the trail, eventually returning to the start location to conclude journal readings and discuss their day.  (Warm, layered clothing, long pants and comfortable shoes are required)