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Civil War - Joining The Cause


Civil War - Joining The Cause

WEEK OFFERED: APRIL 20 - 24, 2020

In the past few years we have received requests to be able to accommodate larger numbers of students, to have better weather, to be able to provide more interactive involvement and  less lecture time in this class while still telling the stories you’ve come to enjoy.  This class will now be located in Railroad Town, be set ups in stations, and be able to accommodate multiple classes at one time. The stations may include: Enlistment, 1861 Medical Exam, Tents and Shelters, Weapons of War, News of 1861, Military Drill Instruction, Women in the War & on the Home Front,  Rations, Uniforms, Stories and Medicine during the War. Other stations may be added.  Students will be able to spend more open ended time at each station. Final determination of the stations will be posted here. Available one week only.