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Summer Adventures 2020


Summer Adventures Classes & Workshops

Stuhr Museum's Summer Adventures Classes & Workshops provide a fun and educational environment for kids to experience life in the past each year during June & July. Each class has been designed for the specified age group and varies in subject and activities. Does your child enjoy cooking or sewing? Maybe they like working with their hands or being outdoors. Or maybe they like to read, go fishing, or create works of art. We offer opportunities in all of these subjects, and more!

We accept registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis, regardless of registration method. Registrations are accepted via phone call or via e-mail. All registrations will be processed by Karen to ensure registration order is observed. Please read through the Summer Adventures Information for more information on our COVID-19 update, registration, payment and cancellation, class policies, and drop-off/pick-up. For any questions, please contact Karen at (308) 385-5316 ext. 204 or