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Matthew DeBoer: No Fear

September 20 - November 8 in the Stuhr Building
Special "Art in the Arbor" event on Saturday, October 3
Regular admission fees apply
For more information call (308) 385-5316

Watercolor artist Matthew DeBoer wants to inspire you to make art during his show "No Fear: Demystifying the Artistic Process" running September 20 - November 8 in the Stuhr Building.

An architect by trade, DeBoer has developed a style of watercolor that can translate almost anywhere and he is just as comfortable painting or sketching on a paper coffee cup as he is on professional canvasses. The result is immediate, beautiful and inspiring. DeBoer's work will be up in the Stuhr Building and will feature pieces created at Stuhr Museum earlier this summer during a two day period.

The goal of the show is to prove art need not be static or staid, but can take place anywhere and with any level of talent. All that is required is to take the first step of picking up a brush and painting what inspires you. To that end, Stuhr will be hosting a special event entitled "Art in the Arbor" on Saturday, October 3rd featuring DeBoer, who will be giving painting demonstrations on Stuhr's immense grounds.

"No Fear: Demystifying the Artistic Process" runs through November 8 in the Stuhr Building. Regular admission fees apply. For more information give us a call at (308) 385-5316.