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Stuhr Crazy Podcast

Stuhr Museum has a podcast!

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast features our Curatorial and Interpretive staff as they explore history through the lens of our 1890's Railroad Town and the people who make it work. Each week we focus on a new building in Railroad Town and the people who lived and worked in it, through artifacts and historic research. From there we interview someone who has a connection to that building, be it a modern day equivalent to an 1890's job to an interpreter in Railroad Town to someone who just knows a lot about what we're talking about. The show is fun, informative and we really hope you enjoy it.

Stuhr Crazy drops every Thursday in seasons of 6 episodes. Episodes are available here, on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Stitcher, and more podcatchers in the coming weeks. We ask that if you like Stuhr Crazy, please share it with your friends who love podcasts and help us grow!

This Thursday we will all gather for Thanksgiving over a nice, piping hot squirrel and...wait, what? 

In this week's Stuhr Crazy Podcast we dive into the history of Thanksgiving with Kay Cynova and Robb Nelson, who talk about history, mythology and, of course, food! A lot has changed in terms of what was popular and there are some surprises in store. From there we turn reflective and speak with the Executive Directors of the Museum and Foundation about the challenging year that was, the opportunities that will be and what they're thankful for. It's a fascinating look into running a nonprofit from two of the best in the business. 

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Say cheese! In this episode we talk about something that sets Stuhr Museum apart from other museums - our immense collection of historic photographs. In the first segment our curatorial staff talks about the tens of thousands of photos in our collection, why they're important, the challenges in preserving them and some of their favorites (spoilers: They can't pick). From there we speak with Terry Winslow, a long time photographer in Grand Island who shares his expertise and stories about our community. If you're a photographer or love photography in all its facets, you won't want to miss this podcast.

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Lights down, curtain up on the Stuhr Crazy Podcast as we travel to The Grand Theater, a unique and important part of Hall County's history. From it's humble beginnings and renovations, through the dark 80's all the way to rebirth as a volunteer run theater, The Grand is a beautiful theater, a great story and a fascinating history. Jim Pohl, who runs The Grand, is our guest, after Robb and Mike talk the history of movie houses in Grand Island. We're ready for our close up!

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It's almost Halloween and we have something sincerely spooky for you in a different sort of episode for us here at Stuhr Museum. We start with museum ghost stories told by Samantha Stump and Kari Stofer from our curatorial department, complete with strange stories in the Stuhr Building and the Collection's Building. From there we talk to Kim Alex, a real life ghost hunter who has had experiences at Stuhr Museum. Of course, we tie it in to history throughout the podcast but...there's some spooky stuff going on. Enjoy!

We're back for Season 3 of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast and our topic could not be more timely. We are focusing on the Town Hall, home of all manner of 1890's civic engagement, including elections. Our Director of Interpretive Resources, Kay Cynova, gives us the dirty details of politics in the pioneer days, follows by an interview with the current Hall County Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet. It's an inspiring and somewhat familiar look at how elections play a part in our lives and always have.

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Choo Choo! For the final episode of Season 2 of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast we focus on the Depot in Railroad Town, a spot that was once the center of a real small town that real trains rumbled through on a daily basis. From there we speak to Jim Hannah, local train enthusiast, for some details on the glory days of the train industry and what it looks like today. It's an action packed episode for train lovers.

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Mailing children! Barking dogs! Honest, hard working mailmen forced to endure extreme temperatures! The post office is full of harrowing stories and this week on the Stuhr Crazy Podcast we tell a good number of them as we turn our eye to the Post Office in Railroad Town. After some history with our hosts interview Larry Roberts, a former Stuhr employee and 30 year veteran of the post office. It's educational, it's entertaining and some of the stories will stick with you.

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This episode is a little different as our hosts and experts take a field trip to a historic building in Grand Island that's getting an exciting, new life.

The Hedde Building in downtown Grand Island is currently owned and is being renovated by local developer Amos Anson. After some history (for context) we take a tour of the building to find out what's old, what's new and why preservation makes sense from a construction and business standpoint. There is also a video component on our Youtube channel if you would like to see the building for yourself,.

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School is in session! In this episode of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast we turn our eye on the school house in Railroad Town, just in time for school to start in Hall County. From the prevalence of rural schools in Nebraska to the use of "readers" to odd facts about the Pledge of Allegiance, it's a fascinating look back. From there we interview Nate Balcom, a principal in Grand Island, Nebraska for his take on history and modern schooling.

NOTE: Due to a corrupted file the audio with Mr. Balcom is not up to quality. We apologize but believe his interview was worth preserving, even in this less than idea way. 

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The Stuhr Crazy Podcast is back for season 2! This season will take us to some very interesting places starting with the Millinery Shop in Railroad Town.

What is a milliner? That's a popular question that we will answer along with talking to some of our interpreters who make the beautiful hats in that shop. The conversation goes to some interesting places including the economics of clothes, why there's no such thing as a standard of dress anymore and how clothes can help shy people feel more powerful. 

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Season 1 is in the books but we will return in late July with more episodes. In the meantime we are releasing these "Podcast Extras" to hold you over until a full episode hits your feed. Podcast extras will appear in your feed every Thursday or are linked here:

Podcast Extra 1: The Quarantines of Epidemics Past

Podcast Extra 2: The Pandemics of Fear

Podcast Extra 3: The Invisible Enemy

Episode 6 - The Fire Hall

We close out season one of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast with a longer than normal conversation about an essential part of life today and in the 1890's - Firefighting and emergency response. 

We start off with a history of firefighting with our historians Robb Nelson, Kay Cynova and Kari Stofer. From the musters of the past to the strange devices used to put out fires, it's a fascinating (if far too short) conversation on that history. For the second segment Jared Stockwell from the Grand Island Fire Department joins us for a discussion on what brought him to the profession, what keeps him there and what people might not know about the firefighter or EMT that shows up at your door in times of emergency.

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Episode 5 - Bankers

Our trek around Railroad Town continues to one of the anchors of our living history community, the Bank! In this episode, we talk to Kay Cynova from Stuhr Museum and Sam Kazda from the Stuhr Museum Foundation about our historic bank and how modern banking differs from what we saw in the 1890s. From there we Dave Richardson from Equitable Bank in Grand Island about his job and why it's much more than you might think. We even get into bank robberies, briefly.

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Episode 4- Henry Fonda

In this episode we focus on the Henry Fonda House, one of the more interesting structures on our grounds. American film legend Henry Fonda was born in Grand Island before moving to Omaha to seek his fortune in the arts, and the house that bares his name has sit on Stuhr's grounds for decades. 

Stuhr's staff talk about the house, what it represents and what it is now. We then hear from Stuhr's Executive Director Chris Hochstetler, who's background in art lends an entirely new perspective to Fonda's legent.

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Episode 3 - Tinsmith

In "The Wizard of Oz" why did the Tin Man rust if tin doesn't rust? Here at Stuhr we have several people who know the answer to this and all your other burning questions about the versatile metal known as Tin. Our curators Kari Stofer and Robb Nelson are joined by Stuhr's head of Railroad Town, Kay Cynova, to talk about the history of the Tinsmith. Then Loren Miller, Railroad Town's long time Tinsmith, joins us for a chat about his craft. 

Stuhr Crazy Episode 2 - Doctors

The doctor will see you now. In the second episode of the "Stuhr Crazy" podcast from Stuhr Museum, our curators turn their gaze to the friendly neighborhood doctor's office where remedies are handed down through the generations and surgeries happen on the dining room table. It was a different and fascinating time in medicine and this is a timely podcast given the current situation of the world.

Stuhr Crazy Episode 1 - Barbers

Welcome to the Stuhr Crazy podcast! This is our first episode and we are so glad you've decided to give us a try.

In this episode, historians Robb Nelson and Kay Cynova take a look at the art of barbering, complete with some grisly details of a profession that has changed by leaps and bounds (watch out for Robb's rendition of some barber themed poetry). From there we speak with Art Anson, a local barber with over 40 years of experience cutting hair.