Part 2

This collection depicts many different types of early transportation in Nebraska, such as railroads, automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, wagons, stages, horses and mules.

Grand Island 7th Street [P1990-0011-126]

A 1921 Model-T Ford is seen being driven down a 7th Street residential area in Grand Island, Nebraska. It is approaching the intersection of 7th and Kimball, with the First Baptist Church steeple at 7th and Sycamore in the distance.

Traveling in Style [P1986-0005-001]

This decorated automobile with unidentified passengers appears to be en route on a long cross-country trip. Note the spare tires, rims and wheels tied to the side, as well as the mud liberally splattered on the vehicle. The photograph is a post card, ca. 1910-1915.

Harrison Automobile [Automobile.Harrison.01]

Ray Harrison drives his auto on the Wood River Bridge, Hall County, Nebraska in this undated photograph.

Country Road [automobile01]

An automobile negotiates a dirt road, ca. 1913.

Changing a Tire [1997-0010-184]

Two unidentified men change a tire on a commercial vehicle in this undated photograph.

Going Camping [1967-0006-018]

An unidentified couple appears in this undated photograph of an automobile loaded with what could be camping equipment. The woman is leaning up against the car with a folding wooden chair beside her.

McAllister's Automobile[1964-0159-024]

Bob McAllister and Hart Gun Company car appear to be having heavy going on the muddy streets in this early photograph. The streets of Grand Island, Nebraska have not yet been paved, and certainly show why this was needed.

Auto-Touring Banner County [1964-0073-037]

This undated photograph shows auto-touring in Banner County. The automobile is parked on a dirt track amid interesting rock formations.

V.E. Evans Automobile [1962-1254-007]

V.E. Evans and two unidentified women ride in a light-colored automobile in 1908.

Ladies in a Automobile [1962-1254-004]

Four warmly-dressed unidentified women are off for a drive in an open automobile, along snow-covered streets in this undated photograph.


1733 Ranch [1962-0981-009]

Autos and unidentified passengers stand by the 1733 Ranch milepost in central Nebraska. The sign indicates that it is 1733 miles to San Francisco to the West, and 1733 miles to Boston to the East.

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