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Daily Activities

See and Do

Daily activities in Railroad Town run from May 1 - Labor Day each year.

Just what can you do in a 19th Century town? Plenty!

Exploring the town is a good way to start!  Railroad Town, Nebr. is a living, working town full of people happy to talk to you about their lives in the year 1897. However, for those wanting to plan your day at Stuhr Museum a little more, every day includes hands-on activities for children and adults to take part in that help paint a vivid picture of life during the pioneer era.

Here’s a sample of activities you can enjoy in Railroad Town anytime!

Write a Letter at the Post Office

Walk on Stilts

Play Hoops and Sticks


Play in the Yellow Playhouse

Buy a Newspaper

Special activities occur on other days, including playing Croquet or Graces and helping out at a trade site or in a home. Be sure and ask one of the residents of town if you can help by running an errand or with some work around their place.

June Activities Dates and Sites:

June 1: Telephone Exchange

June 2: Bell House

June 3: Menck Cabin

June 4: Tin Shop

June 5: Milisen House

June 6: Stolley House

June 7: Planing Mill

June 8: Lesher House

June 9: Hardware Store

June 10: Cleary Farmhouse

June 11: Bell House

June 12: Millinery Shop

June 13: Planing Mill

June 14: Milisen House

June 15: Telephone Exchange

June 16: Lesher House

June 17: Hardware Store

June 18: Windolph House. Happy Father's day.

June 19: Tin Shop

June 20: Bell House

June 21: Planing Mill

June 22: Stolley House

June 23: Telephone Exchange

June 24: Milisen House

June 25: Tom & Huck Event in Arbor. Fishing, games, and watermelon!!

June 26: Lesher House

June 27: Hardware Store

June 28: Stolley House

June 29: Planing Mill

June 30: Bell House