Hall County History Minutes

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Stuhr Building Named to the National Register of Historic Places

20 Jul

The biggest capital project in Stuhr Museum’s history has yielded a special result as the Stuhr Building has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. This honor comes to the Stuhr Building two years before it is technically eligible for consideration. The National Register is the official Federal list of sites and buildings […]

The Stuhr Building Reopens!

19 Jul

  The Stuhr Building is now open! Over two days, Stuhr Museum celebrated the rededication of the Stuhr Building with our members and the general public.   Over 600 Stuhr Museum members and over 1,400 members of the public came out for live music, fireworks, food, speeches by dignitaries and, of course, tours of the […]

Photos from the Meadowlark Music Festival

17 Jul

  The Meadowlark Music Festival came to Grand Island on Thursday, July 16th and featured nationally renowned violinist Christian Howes and his band Southern Exposure. The evening included many different styles of music all filtered through American Jazz. Howes and his group played for almost two hours and bounced back and forth between upbeat numbers, […]

Photos From 4th of July

04 Jul

  The 4th of July at Stuhr Museum is always a blast, and this year was no exception.   Over 700 people attended the festivities which included a German Language Church Service put on by the Hall County Historical Society, an anvil firing, parade through Railroad Town, live patriotic music, historic speeches, pie eating contests, […]